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4-way screen speaker designed for large sized screens.
With the coaxial 2-way HF/VHF driver, handling all frequency responce in the midrange and hirange, speach will be experienced in a totally new dimension.

Adjustable and aimable MF/HF/VHF horn-solution allows for precise dispersion pattern,
aiming the MF and HF typically towards the center of the theatre, 2/3 back.

The 1"- HF/VHF horn has a special assymetrical dispersion pattern, where the dispersion is wider the closer you are seated, and narrower the further away you are.
this gives a more even dispersion with very small differences in SPL, no matter the seat or row.

The hornloaded 10'' MF speaker use the same assymetrical dispersion pattern as the HF/VHF-driver, resulting in an even dispersion, covering the theatre with nearly identical SPL over all seats.

LF reproduction is managed by two powerful 15'' woofer mounted in seperately vented front-loaded chambers.

The system is a 4-way system with active crossover between LF/MF/HF/VHF.
Using advanced DSP-processings, delays and crossovers to fully optimize the system
(Recommended amplifier is the P3000DSP with built in DSP-processors, and presets, also supplying 2 x DSP-processed signal out to a standard amplifier like the P3000 or the PL1600)

vhf_350px.jpgThe massive time coherent, neodymium magnet, coaxial 2-way driver,
handling HF/VHF, is mounted on an aimable and assymetrical 2'' horn
The XD224 can also be mounted in a horizontal position above the screen, 
(see picture above) this is something that are fairly new in cinema installations, 
but we are seeing more demand for this, because of the many benifits it has.
Technical specifications
Construction 4-way active fullrange, With hornloaded, aimable & assymetrical MF/HF/VHF
Cabinet construction 19 mm. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) reinforced closed box
Finnish Two-component hardened lacque,
black texture
LF drivers 2 x 15" mounted in a seperately vented front-loaded bassreflex construction
MF drivers 1 x 10'' mounted in an assymetrical horn.
HF driver 5" driver mounted coaxially on assymetrical horn
VHF 1" driver mounted coaxially on assymetrical horn
Power handling LF

Power handling MF

250W (1 x 500W)
500W (1 x 1000W)
 2000W (1 x 4000W) 

Power handling HF

Sensitivity LF (2Pi) 102dB 
Sensitivity MF 102 dB
Sensitivity HF/VHF 108,5dB
Overall sensitivity (1W/1m.)  102dB
Max SPL Cont. (Calculated) 138dB
Max SPL Peak (calc.) 144dB
Dispersion Assymetrical vertical and horizontal dispersion from 50-90
Measurements cm. H152 x W52 x D55
Connectors Pole screw terminals, gold plated
Number of amplifier channels 4 channels (LF/MF/HF/VHF)
 pdf_download.jpg  Download product data sheet