Column linear array speaker


The CLA4611 Column Line Array Module, was designed for high end installations where speach and music must be absolutely perfect,
Linear coupling with seemless transducer setup, gives the speaker an astounding capacity.
Several modules can be connected for better linear coupling, with better sound reproducion over longer distances with smaller loss in SPL. 

We recommend using the P3000DSP power amplifier, with the pre-programmed presets for best performance, or any of our DSP-processors, with CLA4611 presets.

• 4 x 6,5 inch transducers
• 1 x 1" high power Neodymium driver

• Compact and powerful
• Perfect for installation in acoustically
  challanging enviromnets
• High power (600W RMS)
• 2-way passive construcion

• Theatres
• Conference centres
Live performance stages
Restaurants and lounges



Technical specifications
Construction Front loaded, seemless column array, closed cabinet.
2-way passive, with deticated passive crossover
Cabinet construction 15 mm. baltic birch Plywood
Finnish Two-component hardened lacque, black/white texture
Can be ordered in any color
Components 4x6,5" Midrange woofers
1x1'' driver mounted on horn
Power handling
AES / Cont.

650W / 1300W
Sensitivity 1W/1m. (2Pi) 101dB
Max SPL cont. (2Pi) 132dB
Max SPL Cont. (2Pi)
(6dB crest factor)
Impedance 4 Ohms
Weight 10,25
Measurements H680 x W170 x D170
Connectors Pole screw terminals, gold plated
or Neutrik Speakon NL4MP
Number of amplifier channels 1
Utilities Installation wall- & ceiling- mount brackets,
Flightware for flying and installing
Connector brackets for installing in array
External speaker stand top hat, for mounting on speaker-stand


Active version
The CLA4611 column array speaker are avaliable in two versions:

1) Passive, (CLA4611)
   Bi-amplified, with built in deticated two-way passive crossover    to be used with en external 19'' amplifier
   (we recommend P3000 or P3000DSP)

2) Active, Self-Powered versions, with the same specifications
   as the passive version, but with the addition of a 2-way,
   700W Class-D amplifier with 4 pre-programmed PRESETS.

With Neutrik PowerCon in / out for power
Neutrik XLR in / through for line signal
Volume potentiometer for gain
Preset select button for changing setup

Four Presets are avaliable in the active version

1) Fullrange
(For fullrange acoustical applications, speach and music)

2) Extended fullrange
(Extended frequency responce, with added low frequency punch for stand alone fullrange applications)

3) Mid/High 1
(For use with active subwoofer in an active sound system 
as a top speaker, mainly for recorded music)

4) Mid high 2
(For use with active subwoofer in an active sound system as a top speaker mainly for live applications)