PROPHON Audio & Teknik AB was founded in 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has been developing, designing and manufacturing soundsystems
for the professional rental, installation, cinema and event market for over 29 years. Our factory is based 20 km. north of Stockholm.

Everyone in our team have a history in the musical industry in one way or another,
whether playing in a band, beeing a DJ, singing in a choir, beeing a tour leader, truck driver or a ”humper / rigger”.
This has proven to be extremely valuable when designing new models, because we can take into account all aspects,
from the most important, and obvious feature: the sound, to what most of our competitor do not focus on, beeing handling and usage.
As a costumer once said ”owning a rental company is in reality beeing a truck-driver and humper for 23 hours, and a sound technician for one hour”
This beeing slightly exaggerated, but he´s got a point:
it does´t matter if the sound is the best there is, if the speakers will not fit in your truck, or if it takes forever to rigg it or install it!

Our goal is to design, develope and manufacture the best sounding, and most userfriendly soundsystem there is.
We use the very latest technology when designing and developing, in combination with hard learned experience, spanning 3 decades.

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All woodwork, metallwork and assembly on our pro-systems are made in Sweden, and we use only the very best components avaliable,
wether it beeing woofers, drivers, horns, dsp´s or amplifier etc,
theese are but a few reasons why we have come to dominate our domestic market.

Our costumers have come to trust and rely on our quality, support and competence, and we thank them for their decades of faith in us,
this website could not have come to be if it where not for them!

so... thank you!


We have a complete range of products in different categories, covering:

- Professional tour
- Installation
- Portable PA
- Cinema systems
- Amplifiers
- DSP Processors
- Hardware
- Cases

With products such as:
- Amplifiers for tour usage, amplifiers for installation.
- DSP´s and Loudspeaker management processors, active crossovers.
- Line arrays systems
- Horn-loaded systems.
- Self-powered speakers and sound-systems.
- Stage monitors and multi purpose speakers.
- Column speakers.
- Architectural installation speakers.
- Ceiling speakers, plastic installation speakers.
- Cases, hardware, flightware and fittings.