The CLAM21041 is a line array module for fixed installations.
The specially designed horn and wave guides flattens the sound waves to a perfectly non-delayed symmetrical wave front with a 110 x 15 dispersion pattern.
The passive construction allows for economical use of external amplifiers and DSP processors, (available presets in all our processors and amplifiers with built-in dsp´s)
Since the CLAM line array are designed only for fixed installations, we have omitted all external features like handles, advanced tour-friendly hardware etc, to reduce manufacturing and materials cost, so that the module can perform like the most expensive tour line arrays, but cost a fraction, the splay tilting hardware was designed to be easy to use, safe and economical.

Most hardwares for line arrays are designed for tour and rental applications,
with versatility and “on-the-road” thinking, resulting in very expensive hardwares, usually costing as much as 20% of the actual speaker, this is of very little use in fixed installations.
We have also looked into how line arrays often are installed, and the CLAM21041 are actually two line array modules in one cabinet...
Each driver and woofer has a perfect alignment, resulting in a seamless linear wave front.
The cabinet were designed to be as shallow as possible (only 280 mm.) knowing that depth is often a problem when installing Line arrays.


• 2 x 10” high power, custom woofers
• 4 x 1”-drivers mounted on separate
  wave guides and horns with a 100x15
  dispersion pattern.
• Easy to install, with only one, multi
  usage, installation bracket for fixing
  splay angles.
• Available in the free Ease Focus 2
  software, for acoustical calculations,
  simulations, predictions and
• Controlled dispersion pattern of
  H100 x V15
• True line array coupling, with a typical
  -3dB / doubling of distance
• DSP presets available to download from
  our web site to all our processors and
  DSP amplifiers.
• Only 280 mm. in depth, for discreet installations.
• Fully covering perfored steel grille with speaker foam behind

• Churches
• Theatres
• Multi arenas.
• Large live venues.
• Large nigh clubs.
• Conference centres
• Concert halls
• Auditoriums
• Large cinema theatres
• Places of worship
• Football stadiums. 
• Hockey rinks.  









Model CLAM
Design 2-way, frontloaded, bassreflex,
passive 4-ohm

Components LF

2 x 10"

Components HF

4 x 1'' driver,
mounted on waveguides
Power handling RMS LF: 400W
HF: 80W
Power handling Cont. LF: 800W 
HF: 160W 
Power handling peak  LF: 3,2kW
Hf: 640W 
Sensitivity (1w/1m.) LF: 99dB
HF: 113dB 
Impedance (nominell)

LF: 2 x 8 ohm (4ohm)
HF: 4 x 8 ohm (2ohm)

Max SPL cont. open space (calculated)
Max eff./1m.
Max SPL peak 2Pi, half space (calculated) 136,5dB
Dispersion V110 x H15
Measurements  H570 x W520 x D280
Weight (kg.)  
Connectors 2 x NL4MP Neutrik Speakon
Flightware and hardware Installation splay brackets,
Bumper frame, 
sequrity wires,




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