Our range of installation speakers, amplifiers, processors, installation hardware and flightware, cover every demands in high quality installed sound!
From small ceiling speakers to large hornloaded systems and line array.

Our installation series have through the years been successfully installed and enjoyed in every possible and impossible environment. 

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 Installation systems for
• A/V rooms

• Small to large dancehalls & nightclubs, 
• Live stages 
• Conference centers,
• Railway stations & airports, 
• Stadiums, hockey rinks and sports fascilities
• Theme parks
• Theatres.
• Lounges to cruise ships,
• Gyms, to restaurants
• Churches to multihalls

Passive 2-way Fullrange installation speakers

The F-series was developed for high power sound reproduction in nightclubs, theatres, clubs, live stages, auditoiums, conference centres, cruiseships etc. All speakers in the range are 2-way passive fullrange speakers, with built-in dedicated advanced passive crossovers.All speakers in the series comes in standard 'prophon' or white, but any RAL colour can be ordered and delivered on short notice.



S-series Installation subwoofers
This series consists of several models, each model comes in two versions, with different power handling, so that it is easy to find a model suitable for your installation. Developed to satisfy a demand of a high quality sound. The S-series are perfect for bars, lounges, gyms, nightclubs, live performance stages and other leisure facilities. The S-series features small 12" subwoofers to large 21" subwoofers


500x350px_stylish_vps_series.jpg Fullrange installation plastic speakers

The VPS range of plastic speakers was designed for public adress, bars, lounges, restaurants, gyms, and other fascilities where a high-end sound comes packed in a discreete and appealing look.
There are four models, each a 2-way passive speakers with built-in advanced deticated passive crossover networks, with built-in 100V trafo with a select- switch for chosing powertaps, and also for setting the speaker in 8 ohm-mode.
The VPS-speakers are weather resistent and comes in pairs incl. installation bracket.

2-way coaxial ceiling speakers
The CS-series ceiling speakers comes in three sizes, where each model is a 2-way coaxial speaker with a passive crossover network.
The CS-series have a 100V trafo with different powertaps for use with a variaty of amplifiers and in a variaty of installations, and 8 ohm mode, the grilles are frameless, with magnetic locking design for easy installation and discreete visual appearence





Column array speakers
Our range of column speakers with linear configuration are popular in installation in churches, conference centres, theatres, audidorium, and other fascilities where both speach and music are important, very often in difficult acoustical environments.
Line source coupling allows for very accurate aiming and dispersion, and long throw


High-power sound system for large venues, live performance stages and nightclubs

The clubland series, hornloaded 4-way sound system, was designed for use in large venues, nightclubs, live performance stages, where an extremely high sensitivity, longthrow design and a high max SPL are demanded, in combination of ultra low distortion, to be able to pump out High Sound Preassure Levels without damaging the audiences hearing. the clubland sound system can be installed either ground-stacked or flewn, depending on venue.




High-power Installation line array, Designed for live performance stages, high-end nightclubs, theatres, churches, conference centres, concert houses, etc.
Most line array´s out there are designed for "on-the-road-use", with the tour industry in mind, needing  expensive hardwares designed for rigging where each setup is a new challanges must be overcome.
In an installation, you only need to hang and tune the sound system once!
With this in mind we designed a line array with all the features of a tour array but with a thought on the economical aspect of the rigging and installation hardwares.
The C.L.A.M line array system is a Bi-amplified module with 2 x 10" custom woofers and 4 x 1" drivers mounted on waveguides