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Our range of sound systems for cinema installations cover all sizes of auditoriums!

From our smallest 2-way systems to the largest, 4-way horn-loaded system with dedicated drivers for each individual frequency range: LF, MF, HF & VHF
From small 40 seats theatres to the largest screens with over 1000 seats
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All our cinema sound systems are developed and designed with decades of gathered know-how, 
using the very latest in computerized 3D simulation combined with endless hours of testing and close colaboration with installers and cinema owners. prophon_atmos_horisontal_600px.jpg
As of 2021 most of our screen speakers, surround speakers, LFE subwoofers and amplifiers are included in the DARDT
Dolby Audio Room Design Tool, for calculating ATMOS installations
Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

We only use high quality components from renowned European manufacturers,
ensuring the very best quality, this is easily experienced when comparing our systems with our competitors. 
''Designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in Sweden, guarantee a cinema experience rivalled by none.''

PROPHON has been designing, developing and manufacturing sound systems for cinemas since the 70´s, 
and we have a vast list of references.
We have come to dominate our domestic, and scandinavian market, 
due to high quality, resonable prices and efficient support to our installers and cinema owners.
Our latest inovations cover sound systems for the Digital Era, 3D movies and atmos.
- High definition speakers, 
- 96kHz digital processors 
- the latest in amplification, with third generation switched-mode amplifiers,
  AES/EBU input, on-board DSP processing and DANTE networking


In the last couple of years, Line array systems (also known as line source) has found it´s way into the cinema theatres,
with advantages that eliminates many of the regular "stacked-behind-the-screen-speakers" problems such as
• A more even SPL, where all seats have practically the same SPL.
• Controled dispersion over the whole frequency range, not only the HF.
• -3dB loss instead of -6 dB loss for each doubling of distance, 
• Each array module is deticated to handle a section of seats, and can be individually programmed and tuned to best collaborate with it´s siblings, 
taking care of all other seats, thus every seat has, in its own way, it´s own dedicated sound system.

 clam_500px.jpg simulation.jpg
We have designed line array systems for over 15 years in our other product branches such as live performance conserts, large night-club installations, multi-arenas, theatres, churches, conference centers and for the rental industry, so we had a huge advantage when we designed the CLAM-system (Cinema Line Array Module) we simpy used our vast knowledge and experience and developed a line array system for large cinema installations, revolutionaring the cinema industry.
The CLAM.-system is a modular array system where each module is part of a line source, but also has it designated dispersion target.
The CLAM system is mainly thought to be used for  large theatres, or theatres with balcony.

Since each Cinema Line Array Module is designed to handle a fixed amount of rows, with high precission narrow vertical dispersion of only 15 degrees, where adding modules can increase the vertical dispersion up to 60 degrees with 4 modules.
The wide horizontal dispersion results in a very even dispersion of left, right, center sound with very immersive experiences, the result is quite astounding. 
A large cinema theatre will have a SPL vs dispersion (Sound Preasure Level versus dispersion) that will be as close to perfect as possible (see picture above)
This technology has been around for over 15 years in other sound system reinforcements, but have not been appliable to the cinema industry, until now! 


Our advanced DSP amplifiers and DSP processors now feature FIR filter, FIR is short for Finite Inpulse Responce, and is an algorithm for adjusting phase and amplitude over time, shere we can tell the DSP in the amplifier where each frequency should be in time and amplitude, so that all frequencies arrive from the speaker at the same time with a correct amplitude, resulting in phase-coherent frequencyresponce. See above example of frequency vs phase before FIR to the left and after FIR algorithms to the right, where X is time and Y is frequency.





A list of some references through the years, where Prophon cinema systems was successfully installed.
For pictures and more detailed specifications please contact us.