CLAM 21041 - Cinema Line Array Module

The CLAM 21041 was designed due to a demand in an affordable,  high power line array cinema system, for large cinema venues. Compared to standard cinema systems with hornloaded point-source technology, the CLAM Cinema Line Array, only looses -3dB for each doubling of distance, instead of a -6dB loss of SPL as in regular point-source systems, due to line source array coupling technology, and the array of waveguide-mounted 1” drivers seemlessly covers both vertical and horizontal dispersion.
Developed for large format screens, and for cinema venues with balcony, or other architecturally challanging rooms.

The CLAM21041 can either be stacked one, two, three or four modules, or flewn.

The XD215 LF module is needed for LF reproduction down to 35Hz, featuring 2 x 15” high power Low frequency woofers with 4” voice coils and 2000W RMS power handling (4000W cont.)Using the splay aiming plates for adjusting the tilt of each module vertically enables the array to cover the seats perfectly, where each CLAM-module covers a narrow section of the seats.With Ease focus 3 prediction software for simulating and projecting, the result is astounding, where all calculations, simulations and predictions can be made before the installation is done, enabling for architects, cunstructors and planners to have a clear image of where ever loudspeaker is placed, and have a clear result of how it will sound when the installation is ready.Using the latest in DSP amplifiers with custom FIR technology enables for a phase-coherent and linear frequency responce very few cinema-system can match.

The CLAM21041 module features 2 x 10" MF drivers and 4 x 1" HF drivers and can be bought as bi amplified with seperate DSP amplifier channels for MF and HF, or as Passive module with deticated passive crossover network, using only one dsp amplifier channel.

Technical specifications
Construction MF/HF Column Line Array Module
Cabinet construction Tuned vented front-loaded bassport with line array waveguides
Finnish Two-component hardened lacque, black texture
LF drivers 2 x 15" mounted in a vented front-loaded bassreflex construction (XD215)
MF drivers 2 x 10'' mounted linear arrayed in vented front-loaded bassreflex construction
HF driver 4 x 1" driver mounted on Line array waveguides

4 Ohm / 8 ohm
Power handling LF

Power handling MF

Power handling HF

Sensitivity LF open space 100dB 
Sensitivity MF open space 100dB
Sensitivity HF 112dB
Max SPL cont. using 3 CLAM modules (Calculated) 140 dB (2Pi)
Dispersion 110 x 20
Measurements MF/HF modlue cm. H570 x W520 x W280
Connectors Pole screw terminals, gold plated
Number of amplifier channels Bi-amplified 2 (LF - MF/HF)
Tri-amplified 3 ( LF - MF - HF)
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