Cinema Screen Speakers


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Screen Array Speakes
We have developed four complete ranges of screen array speakers, covering the need and demand when installing the smallest to the largest theatres.
We have conventional ''stacked-behind-the-screen-arrays'' and hornloaded 2, 3, 4 and 5-way systems.

The latest inovations are:
Our XD speakers, they can be mounted standard ''behind-the-screen'' and also as above-the-screen-array-speakers,
with many advantages compared to standard ''stacked-behind-the-screen-array''
- reduced screen reflections,
- lower distortion levels,
- a more even SPL in the theatre,
- better projection and image due to use of screens without holes for letting out the sound,
- better economy due to the fact that no expensive baffel wall is needed.

theese innovative and daring inventions truly takes the cinema sound experience to the next level!
Where modern state of the art 96kHz digital cinema sound can fully be explored.
Doing justice to the Digitally perfect image of today´s theatres, 

When choosing a screen speaker for an auditorium, first decide what size and type of system is needed, do so by selecting any of the three categories above.

C.L.A.M - Cinema Line Array Module 
Designed for large format theatres and theatres with balcony, The CLAM array system divides the seats into blocks of rows, where each module in the CLAM-array has a deticated number of seats to cover, where the MF-array speakers function as line source coupling modules, using the linear source technology, in combination with HF driver arrays for a perfect coverage. Each array module can then individually be processed for best performance and frequency responce. 
This technology has been used for a long time in theatres, conference centres, live performances, installations and concerts, so it is a tested and very well documented technology, we have just adapted it to fit the cinema industry.