The new V-series systems amplifiers features the latest and most innovating technology, with a TFT colour touch-display.
With our new DSP-platform and network you can easily group, assign, manage and edit up to 256 amplifiers in the PRO-NET network.

With FIR filters, Loudspeaker database with all Prophon speakers and systems. 4 channel amplifiers with 8, 4 and 2 ohm load, as well as 100V.

Designed for high-end installations, tour, portable and cinema

- Two models avaliable:
   V3000 with 4x750W / 2 x 1500W
   V10000 with 4 x 2500W / 2 x 4000W
- Colour touch display
- Digital rotary encoder
- PFC (Power Factor Correction)
- Automatic power detection 90-260VAC
- AES input / analogue input
- 96kHz / 40 bit floating DSP
- An abundance of DSP functions such as EQ,
  FIR, grouping, matrix, delay, crossover, limiter
- 90 user presets for storing, loading and
  managing setups, system configurations and
  custom designs.



Our smallest portable system so far,
the A1-NANO was designed for events, live performance, speech, vocals, recorded Music and club Music.But do not let the small size fool you,!

housed in the 900W cont. 12'' subwoofer is Three amplifiers with a total Power of 2000W RMS (4kW peak) with 1000W driving the subwoofer and 2 x 500W driving the two F6X, coaxial neodymium 6,5''/1'' fullrange cube speakers. High sensitivity, low distortion and high max SPL.

With built-in DSP and an abundance of presets for a variaty of applications, the A1-NANO is the perfect lilttle companion for events companies, rental companies, DJ´s, singer/songwriters, two-man bands.

Also perfect for installing, using the 19'' systems DSP-amplifier with 4x600WYou will find the A1-NANO in the self-powered portable sound systems category





The AX-sound system is a combination of high power cardioid subwoofer technology and line source technology, using our B318HPC 3x18'' cardioid subwoofer, the PLA21021 line array module and our system amplifier with built in DSP, network, AES. designed for midsized venues, events and performances, wether using in live performance or club environment, the AX will never let you down.

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We launch a new products group called prophon commercial audio, with products for installations in public adress, commercial audio, schools, shops, restaurants, training facilities, conference, sports facilities etc. with products such as rackmount mixers, zonemixers, matrix zone mixers, dsp processors, signal routers, amplifiers, mixeramplifiers, zone-amplifiers. 
Please see leaflet for new products. we are updating our website with all the new products, and it will be avaliable shortly.

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Passive Line Array Module

The PLA21021 houses 2 powerful 10" Neodymium woofers in a closed cabinet, arranged in a V-baffel construction for optimal dispersion coherenc, and two Neodymium drivers mounted on waveguides and horns.

With built-in advanced deticated passive crossover network the PLA21021 Line Array Module is a 8 ohm fullrange module.

Developed as a high power line array for live performances, conserts, festivals, the event and rental industry, but also for fixed installations in conserthalls, theatres, churches, live performance stages, conference centres, nightclubs etc.

The PLA21021 module can also be used in smaller "club-stacks". Using 2-3 pcs arrayed either groundstacked or flewn with subwoofers
(B318HPC or B18HP)

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High Power Cardioid
3 x 18" subwoofer

The PROPHON B318HPC, cardioid high power subwoofer was designed for live performance stages, festivals, and for the tour and rental industry.

But also for recorded music such as club events, fixed installations in nightclubs etc.
The very special cardioid design allows for extreme control in the LF-frequencies, compared to regular 2x18” subwoofers, where the dispersion patterns are almost always completely omnidirectional.

The sound engineer and technical engineer can design, aim and steer the sound to where it is wanted, and also omit it where it is unwanted.

- Live performance stages
- Fixed installations
- The tour and rental industry
- Festivals and concerts.



Compact stage monitor

With a floor-angle of 15 degrees, in combination with the high power 500W cont. 8''/1'' Neodymium lightweight coax, the MX8 are a powerful, yet lightweight and compact stage monitor.

Developed for vocals, speach, acoustic instruments, winds instruments with clear and open sound characteristics the MX8 are loved by musicians, singers and the stage monitor technicians.Perfect for small to medium stages, tv-studios, liver performances, recorded music.

With the extremely low profile and very small footprint you will barely notice the MX8 on stage, until you start to use it, then everyone will be blown away by the fullrange frequency responce, high SPL and high sensitivity, in combination with low distortion.

The 15 degree floor-angle in combination with the most powerful 8''/1'' neodymium coaxial drivers we know of, you will experience an unsurpassed clarity and nearness.

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A series of amplifiers for high-end
installations and tour use.

Five models are avaliable
PL1600 - 2x800W/2x700W/2x500W
PL3400 - 2x1800W/2x1500W/2x900W
Class-H amplifiers with torroidal regular powers supplies, Neutrik Powercon and XLR

 - 2x1500W/2x1000W/2x650W
P3000DSP - 2x1500W/2x1000W/2x650W with DSP
P10000 - 2x5000W/2x3300W/2x1800W
Class-H amplifiers with third generation switched mode power supply.
Neutrik connectors, Powercon input, 

P3000DSP have 6 DSP processors with:
gain, 6 EQ points, HP/LP crossover filters 12-48dB, limiter, temerature, phase, delay
- DSP on each input 
- DSP on speakon output
- DSP on XLR output AUX1 and AUX2 for managing an external standard 2-channel amplifier 




A powerful column line array module for a variaty of applications, with 6 x 6,5'' Neodymium woofers and a coaxially mounted 1'' driver with a horn.
The four 6,5'' woofers are mounted in a seemless array, and when connecting several modules for achieving a long-throw system, the array is constant without any gaps.
Perfect for- Installations in theatres and conference centres- Installation in Public Adress- Installation in churches and audiotoriums- Installation in nightclubs and lounges- Installation in restaurants and sportsbars- Live applications with subwoofers- In a portable sound system with subwoofers- For club music with subwoofers.

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Eight complete self-powered, active portable sound systems, where everything you need is included.With powerful class-D amplifiers, High-end DSP processing.A variaty of sizes are avaliable, from the smallest system with a total of 4200W amplifiers, to the largest with 7200W amplifiers.There is an A-system for every need.Perfect for the rental industry, event business, bands & DJ´s

- Subwoofers
- Top / fullrange speakers
- Built in amplifiers and DSP-processors
- Several presets depending on setup and usage
- All cables
- Stands
- Cases for fullrange speakers 
- Castors on subwoofers 




The K-series are an affordable range of high quality, active and passive speakers, consisting of subwoofers, stage-monitors, fullrange speakers and active systems.Designed for portable ”plug´n play” usage in the event industry, for bands, DJ´s and rental companies.
Or for fixed installations in bars, restaurants, lounges, schools, nightclubs, live stages, theme parks and training facilities. The systems are easy to use and setup, and they are compatible to be used together in a variety of ways,
depending on demand, application and size of the event.

Each speaker was carefully designed due to a demand from our customers in our domestic market, asking for a high quality systems with lower prices compared to our High-end tour systems.